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Our world is what we make it, but also how we see it. How we experience life is determined by our perspective, what we pay attention to, where our focus is.
A different vantage lets us appreciate what we have and see our surroundings for what they could be.  From this view the mundane and everyday becomes inspiring: a sunset, a storm rolling in, a new view of the town you know. This new vantage brings us together to celebrate what we are and what we can become.

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Today's Sunset

Toll the bell and raise a glass, the sun has gone from view,

On this higher ground, may joy abound, as we see our world anew.

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our Inspiration

We created Vantage as a love letter to our city, in the hopes those who join us on the roof would not only find respite from their day, but would be inspired by the fresh perspective on this city we love.

At the closing of each day we toll the bell as the sun sets. For us this is a celebration of another day living and working among so many passionate Springfieldieans striving to build a home and a city we all can take pride in.

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Vantage, Hotel Vandivort and The Order were all developed as a part of the continuing resurgence of Downtown Springfield. Hotel Vandivort's unique rooms span two buildings: Historic, a repurposed, century-old structure that was once a Masonic Temple; and V2, which sits just steps away from the original building.

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We make our rooftop experience luxurious and fun for every season, from summer to winter.


Vantage was created to be a social experience. Life and drinks are best spent with friends, and our fresh cocktails are a must for any gathering.

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4:00 PM– 12:00 AM
4:00 PM– 1:00 AM


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